Life on the Road: Newport to Nevada

“I don’t care what you think. Get to scrubbin’ that driveway mister, we don’t want to give the renters an excuse to park some pos machine there.” I don’t think it matters much. And I also think scrubbing oil stains is just about the most futile and plain stupid endeavor I’ve ever heard of, a… Continue Reading

Life on the Road: Moving Day

Moving Day: 11/26/08 If I could count the tears I’ve wiped away on Brunstane Circle, I would have a deep well full of memories. Start with the 3 am baby calls, the five-alarm nightmares – each one wearing a path into the carpeted hallway upstairs to the murmur of Springsteen songs and nursery rhymes. Go from… Continue Reading

Life on the Road: Goings and Comings

11/15/08 What am I doing, going here? I ask myself that question almost daily. In a strange place, dealing with my separation from family and friends. Why? There are a million reasons I could cite. Suffice it to say, the world is changing and so must I. From where I am to what I’m doing,… Continue Reading