Caring about day care

Published at the Fullerton News Tribune, 9/27/90 I always thought Moms had it easy. You know, the women who stayed home with their children and didn’t have to work; the women who lived a life of relative leisure while their peers held down full-time jobs and still managed to be home in time to make… Continue Reading

The View

The View From where I’m standing, I can see for miles.The tops of buildings stick out of the inland ooze to form a crooked pathway deep into the valley. And just below the horizon, the sun’s rays glint and shimmer off the Pacific Ocean. Few sights are as beautiful, or as rare. What with the… Continue Reading

Home Cookin’

Earl’s Home Cookin’ Chicken fried steak and eggs, steaming hot and full of grease. Or maybe it’ll be the New York steak and eggs, served with a heaping pile of home fries spilling off the platter. And be sure to order up those delicious biscuits soaked in gravy so thick you could eat the lumps… Continue Reading