Old King Ebionol

There was once an old King named Ebioniol. He ruled over a vast and peaceful land of farmers, sheepherders and merchants; there were no wars and little illness; it was, by all accounts, and perfectly happy kingdom of people bustling about with the business of commerce. Old Eboniol saw this and his heart swelled. “Look… Continue Reading


Jeremiah’s Hill © By Brian Chee His name was Jeremiah. I remember because it was such an old sounding name, and because the name fit–Jeremiah was very old and wiry, his skin so translucent that the entire spidery map of his veins was visible just beneath the surface. His face was small and narrow, with… Continue Reading

Desert Stories

The Bible was her shade against the glare. She carried it under her left arm, with her right hand resting protectively over the top. She had crazy eyes; the kind of look that comes when reality is defined by the urges of a make-believe world. She had once been a member of the flock, with… Continue Reading