Trumpeting Twitter

Donald J. Trump would not be where he is today without the unifying power of social media. As ironic as that is for a man whose presidential candidacy is tearing at the fabric of the GOP and our democratic process, his ability to use Twitter as a bully pulpit is opening doors and facilitating his…
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The Year According to Chee

Well. That was a year. There were 365 days, and we lived every single one as best as a family could. Some days that was good enough, and we relished each of those little victories. The other days, well, we tried to learn from each other’s failures and vulnerabilities. This shit isn’t easy, after all….
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Digital Feast: 7 Reasons to Give Thanks


I appreciate the simplicity of Thanksgiving. It’s sincere and open, just a day — one reserved to pause for a little while, look around at the people and opportunities surrounding me and say, simply, Thank You. Among the many things I am grateful for this year is the opportunity to be a part of this…
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