Three Minutes

The next three minutes will change your life. What happens in that time — good, bad, or indifferent — will one way or another alter the path you are on and change, if ever so slightly, your perception of the world and of yourself.

You may cry. Or laugh. Yawning is not out of the question. Depending on what happens in the next three minutes, some of you will curse aloud and point to this moment as the spark that changed your life.

The unfettered truth will do that, if you listen to it. The pure, brutal facts that whisper into your psyche will tell you what you so want to hear but dare not listen to, lest you once again disappoint yourself, your spouse, your children, your friends and anyone else who ever believed in the false promise of your life.

That’s right. You have broken more promises to yourself than to anyone else, ever.

Let that sink in.

Now is the time to stop breaking those promises, to stop letting yourself down. You know what it is already, and you probably know how to fix it; you knew what it was before you began to read. If you’ve forgotten, sit quietly and listen to the voice. Listen to that whisper tell you the truth about yourself and how you can fix you to fit the truth that you want to be. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how hopeless your situation. It takes one step forward to listen, to trust your instinct, and to act in some small way every day — building momentum around that seed of truth until it becomes something alive and vital.

This is what I do: The voice will tell me to write, to write anything, just do it every day so that something can be built from the labor.

This is what I say: I’m tired. Or I have to work. Or the kid needs a bath. Or I should work out. Or we should go out to dinner. None of it is acceptable, but still — there it is. My inability to build momentum, to follow the voice, is a personal defect created by a lack of discipline and need. Crossing that threshold is the most important thing I can do — and once that happens, those will be the most important three minutes of MY life.


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