The Reading List: Safe Acura, MPG and more

Sure, you can abandon your SUV. Insurance companies don’t really like that much, though. Instead, trade in your gas-sucking BMW for a TSX – it’s real safe, according to the IIHS. Better yet, wait for the Volt – and pray they don’t kill that car as well. No matter what you do, please make sense of MPG before you take action. Here are a few of this week’s best articles to help you make the right decision.
AutoBlog: Acura TSX Named Top Safety Pick by IIHS
So it has an ugly snout. The TSX has a new interior, cool techno-gadgetry and now, a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS. Definitely worth a test drive…

NY Times Wheels: The Illusion of Miles per Gallon
You think you know how much gas you’re saving at the pump, dontcha ya? You think you were smart to trade in that big SUV with 10 grand still owed for a Corolla, huh? Better read this before you presume to think you know about mpg…

Hybrid Cars: The March Toward Plug-In Hybrids Continues
Our question is this: which will be first, the Chevy Volt or the plug-in Prius? We’re betting the Volt, even if it costs $40,000 and they only build three…


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