“Thank God for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell. While other folks go hungry, we’re doing very well.”

Today, we give thanks.

Thanks for so many beautiful blue days; each one a different and refreshing adventure.

Thanks for each glimpse of friendship and touch of compassion. When so many of us are alone, we have the blessed gift of family and friends. Let us remember that the fellowship that surrounds us today is with us every day.

Thanks for our jobs, no matter how humble and uninspiring. We have all felt the depression of unemployment; today we celebrate the exercise of ability and perserverance, and pray that those without will soon be able.

Thanks for the bountiful feast in front of us; it is a symbol of the harvest we reap. We are fortunate to have many dirty dishes tonight; In giving thanks, we should remember those who do not have that obligation.

Thanks for this country; we hold citizenship in the greatest nation on earth. It is an honor to be among the proud people who can call themselves Americans.


A simple word, yet it carries such an important message. A heartfelt thank you is a precious treasure, free to give out but priceless to receive. So many people plant the seeds of charity and kindness; if we could only appreciate this good, we would not see so much bad. Today, let us remember that each community has its own fountain of good will.

Thank you for every person who tends to those fountains.

Thanks for the ability to dream, and for giving us the chance to realize our aspirations. The courage to craft our owm destiny is what makes life a wonderful adventure.

Thank You for life. Of all gifts, this is the greatest. To live, and to be able to create life, is the most breathtaking miracle we will ever know.

Today, we give thanks for love, life and freedom. If we could only take a moment out of each day to appreciate these things, we would find so much more to be thankful for.

On this day, this beautiful Thanksgiving day, let us give thanks to all that is God around us.

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