How to feed a dog


First, you get off your ass. Then depending on the time of day and how often you wish to feed your pet, walk over to the pantry, pour a little grain food into a bowl, crack open a can of soft food, mix and place on the floor. Do that once a day, or, in smaller portions, twice every day.

Or you can use your uncle.

As the story goes, Jang Song Thaek was stripped down and tossed to 120 starving dogs. You can read the story and learn about the wave of social media interest here:

I’m not really sure I care too much about whether the story is actually true; I assume that it is because everything on social media is real and would never be a ruse to confuse us, gain attention or build brand awareness.

And even if it is, well, FAKE, what would be the point? To use content to build awareness of the North Korean brand, and in doing so spread fear and loathing across the Interweb? To build them up as the baddest mama jammas on the planet? If so — whether true or not — it’s a sober reminder of the power of content in the digital age. Today more than ever, people believe, share and consume vast amounts of content. For content publishers and the people who create content, it’s vital to make sure that said content is beyond question. Here are three basic guidelines:

1. Never use one source. Two at least, from primary news creators known to check facts. And NEVER use an organization’s press release as the only source of information. To do so amounts to free PR.

2. Check your ethics. Would you want your daughter to read it and know that you published the content — or wrote it yourself? Remember the golden rule and write content that way.

3. Check your facts. And theirs. Reputable publications such as the Washington Post and NY Times has lately become very sloppy with errors and facts. So even if you have the sources, check the basic outline of the story for accuracy.

Feeding your dog can be an easy, even enjoyable, part of the care and feeding of your pet just as long as you follow a few simple steps. Failing to do so will leave you with either a fat dog unwilling to do anything but eat, or a starving canine that only has eyes for you. Or your uncle.

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