Snapchat will Steal Your Soul

Quick, which is more important: Protecting your name and personal information, or sharing a crotch shot with your special friends? It seems that many of us care a great deal more about showcasing our wieners and tits. I say that because 4.6 million people had their identities compromised recently, thanks to a hack-a-thon heaven at Snapchat, and no one seemed to care.

Snapchat. Really? This is what we, as a society, are going to sell out our privacy for? There is no more gratuitously self-centered and useless digital tool available, yet the obviously horrific privacy holes on a site that trades in the currency of vapor content doesn’t seem to deter people from joining, or entrepreneurs from launching their own version. Please. Just stop. Take a breath. Ask if your snapcheeze product has a single, tiny shred of value to humanity.

All this has got to make one wonder if that half-crazy nerd Edward Snowden was correct. Between the vast amounts of digital surveillance done by NSA (and others) and the obvious privacy holes in social programs, it seems that we’ve traded our personal selves for the convenience of lazy digital communication. The simple fact that an ignorant thing like Snapchat even has 4.6 million users is ridiculous and a sad commentary on the values we hold dear. In this hypertext and hypersped hacker world, we are at risk of losing the privilege to unplug, step away and discover who we are and what it is that makes us unique. ON OUR OWN. At the same time, we lose the right to enjoy and protect a private version of ourselves, our families, and our lives.

Snap a chat of that.



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