On National Common Courtesy Day, Please Go F Yourself

Today is March 21, and it’s National Common Courtesy Day. So please — go F-yourself. Thank you! Is that a bit harsh? Maybe. But allow me to be the lone voice that stands up for rude, callous and loutish behavior, because sometimes you just have to be an ass to get things done and to make your views clear. True, it’s usually better to convince people to play along nicely, soothing their egos and overly inflated sense of self-worth with stupid cliches about teamwork and such. But all that nice talk gets tiresome after a while, especially when all you want to do is make your point, give direction and move on to the next thing on the never ending list of tasks.

Tasks aren’t polite. So why should we be. The same goes for making a point, and Dianne Feinstein is a perfect example. By attempting to pass an assault weapons ban, she didn’t really care about the hurt feelings of the NRA or the politicians in their pocket. Nope. She just decided that it was the right thing to do for a nation suffering from the horror of mass shootings — 43 of them across 25 states since 2009. Of those, by the way, some type of assault weapon was used 28 percent of the time, with an average rate of 8.3 deaths per shooting incident. In honor of the day, or rather in honor of the anti-day, one hopes that she politely told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to sprout a pair when he shamefully killed it because it had no chance to pass.

Probably she did. Maybe she didn’t. All I know is that on National Common Courtesy Day, I make a stand for rudeness. For a day, there are no thank yous in my email, no pleases from my voice, and no salutations that come across like a desperate plea for consideration. Answer me if you want. Delete me if you’d rather. Ignore me if it suits you. Today, I really don’t give damn. And neither should you.

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