Mercedes-Benz Dreams of Hybrids…and Diesels

Why it Matters: This could be the ultimate alternative mobility play – diesel performance and dependability with hybrid emissions? A dream team, to be sure.

According to MotorAuthority, Mercedes-Benz will sell a diesel-electric hybrid by the end of the year – assuming, of course, that they like all other automakers can keep the lights on in North America. The vehicle will be an S400 BlueHYBRID, mated to a clean-burning 3.2-liter Bluetec turbodiesel. Hey, Mercedes – did I get all the marketing labels on that one? In plain english, it’s a 3.2-liter turboddiesel with a urea canister and filter in the back, connected to an electric motor. And about that motor: it’s a doozy, a full hybrid (it can run on juice only in start/stops application).

I can’t image how much this beast is going to weigh when you tack on all-wheel-drive, but here’s hoping it won’t dent the asphalt. But then, I’m a skeptic. All this talk about technology development is brave to the point of foolishness when you consider that most car labels are stopping the development of anything and everything more expensive than skateboards and scooters. Then again, it IS a hybrid, and we all know how hybrids are treated like the favored little sister – always gets her way, that hybrid. Geez! Here’s hoping we see the debut of the world’s first 350,000 mile hybrid. Or would that be the world’s first truly clean burning diesel?

-Brian Chee


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