We are given this beautiful and precious gift, yet we too often trudge through our moments in despair.
Seize The Day!
It is ours to use however we see fit. We can waste it, and cast away a priceless collection of moments.
Or we can squeeze each drop of life out of every day, and fill our hearts with the wonder of being alive. The cost of each day is great, yet the reward for having lived is a treasure well worth the price. To be alive is to see the beauty of a brilliant blue sky, and the happiness on the faces of loved ones.
To be alive is to feel and see and touch and hold and hear all this beauty that surrounds us.
Life is about love and hope, tears and laughter.
It is in a hug, a prayer, in the sadness and joy we feel because we are alive.
It is everything that is anything to us.
Life is faith, the undying spirit within each and every one of us. With faith, we can travel this path in happiness and fulfillment. Without it, we exist.
But we will certainly not live.

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