Let’s get social. Social media.

Social media kinda sucks. I write that knowing that I spend just as much time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as most — and probably more. But I feel as though by doing so, my brain is getting soft. My focus squishy. I have this urge to dump a bucket of ice water on my head just because I want to “get social” and show that I’m not a knuckle dragging mouth breather after all. That I care about ALS even though I could care more by donating.

I want to be like the people in this video. Getting and grooving to social. Social media. And bacon!

Okay. So maybe it is a handy communications platform. And perhaps it has created powerful new opportunities to reach other people and share ideals of equality and freedom. Oh God. I am so wrong! Facebook is the most wonderful thing ever!

But then again, the spirit of the communication ideal allows predators to track their prey, companies to spy on employees and governments to move into our homes. It has opened the door for large social companies like Facebook and Twitter to use our content. According to the Motley Fool, “Facebook…processes more than 4.75 billion content items per day.”

Hold on. I have to post a picture of my cat.

That content we post is the essence of what makes us unique, and these companies are using it to generate revenue. That’s not right. That’s theft of personality, and it allows data scientists to dive into our intent and create models of our buying behavior, of which algorithms are made and ads displayed. I don’t want you in my head, Mr. Facebook. Get out. And take your little Tweeter with you.

Sigh. I want to make a stand like that, but frankly I’m too weak: these large monolithic entities are now where much of my little world orbits. So I will continue to post pictures on throwback Thursday, and notable moments in my life. And they will continue to exploit me for my personal data. Social channels will continue to dumb down the world until the day comes that Brawndo is a real product.

Like I said. Social Media kinda sucks.

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