It’s Not What You Post, but When [Infographic]

Thank God. For awhile there I thought my content stunk. Sooo relieved to know that my blog gets lame readership because I post all my great goodness at the wrong time.

That’s it. Right?
According to lots of experts, and the infographic from Radium One below, there actually is a science to timing your content publishing. Which is not to say that you can toss up a bunch of crap and expect people to read/share/follow/like/pin/boost/redditt/digg/comment or all of the other things we do as creatures of social media. Though they might, depending on their level of boredom. There’s a metric for you: measure content performance on LOB instead of ROI. Accordingly, there are two peak LOB times: 10 am to noon and 8 pm to 10 pm. From a logical point of view that makes sense: before lunch and after dinner. In the U.S. the most sharable time is 9 pm, with the most clicks coming at 1 pm. Twitter is at its most viral at 1 pm — or whenever you decide to tweet that photo of you leaving Taylor Swift’s hotel.

Huh. It’s a all a bit strange, but I suppose it makes sense: jumping into the stream at the right time can be the difference between your place as digital royalty or the garbage man. Then again you may just want to focus on posting things of value. That might work too — but what do I know? I’m posting this blog at 4 pm, which is exactly the wrong time. Hello? Hello? Is there anyone there?

–Brian Chee


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