Walk through the gates of your hidden conscious, and experience a reality without limitations. It is a place where nightfall is total blackness; where daybreak is a shimmering, brilliant light. How much of our daily lives is spent in this alternate world? How many triumphs only come true when our eyes are closed?

There are two types of dreams. Those which hold our aspirations, a simple ppicture of what we wish our lives to be are a daily experience held deep within. These are the dreams that keep us moving along this long and treacherous path dubbed life; with them we call this experience beautiful, and treasure the moments when each little part of out grand dreams turn real.

Without these dreams we have nothing to live for.

The other type of dream is when we break free from the confinements of daily tasks; when we experience the total power of our minds, unhindered to roam at will. It is when we stretch out, and relive our lives through a collection of pictures and sounds played out in the cinema of our sub-conscious. The power of our minds is an awesome thing, unfathomable in our waking hours. It is no surprise that often, we cannot remember these dreams; sometimes, when we do, we learn lessons about ourselves we do not wish to know.

Perhaps we are actually lucid, but in such a relaxed state that our defenses are down, and the real truth comes out easily. I have had dreams in such vivid pictures that they have changed my perspective on life. Dreams which I am not sure were dreams or visions, moments of fear and hapiness I once thought unattainable. Some I am sure were visions disguised as dreams.

Asleep or awake, I spent most of my time dreaming. Those I can control are grandiose plans for a fabulous future. Most often, the ones I can’t control fade before I can relive them.

I am sure that the dreams I recall are the ones I am supposed to remember.

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