Diesel Gets its Day?

If only diesel fuel were affordable, why, everyone would be buying diesel cars.
For years, that’s been the sad song from diesel vehicle producers. The moaning and whining, the constant crying about how their precious engines get a bad rap about bad smells and lousy pollution…it’s enough to make one buy a hybrid, if it weren’t for that whole thing about diesels running forever and such.  Of course, by now most of us know that the new super uber clean diesels are really, really clean, thus preserving our carbon footprint and eliminating yet one more reason why we can’t buy diesels over gasoline or hybrids.

All that’s left is the damage that $5 per gallon diesel does to our walletprint.
Even that may no longer be the case, as the price is dropping  – and fast.  According to etrucker.com, diesel fuel “plunged to $2.809, off 13.5 cents from the previous weekly average. The current national average price is 60 cents less than a year ago.”  Do the math. Combine two buck diesel at your local gas station with longevity, performance and lower emissions, and it’s easy to see how diesel may quickly become the old idea that makes a big difference in a new world.

Source: http://www.etrucker.com/apps/news/article.asp?id=73974


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