Some things that turn into destiny do so without warning, as if we are blinded from seeing the moments that become a turning point in our lives. Other times, we can feel it, even to the point that we can watch instances build into destiny. Christina is that way. The moment I saw her, I knew. It was simply a feeling I had, no more, no less, I feeling that this lady would always be with me. I feel the same way about my destiny in life.

I do not say this in a boastful manner, or an over exaggeration of my talents. I feel this way because of a strange, quiet comfort I feel inside, as if my labors and struggles are not in vain. It is as if something is assuring me that the seeds I am plowing now will, eventual bear fruition.

I look upoon myself as a very blessed preson, one who has been given this remarkable gift of writing from God. I do not intend to let this gift waste away; nor do I have plans to use it for the wrong reasons. At times I feel that my destiny lie in Garden Heroes; other times I am sure that it is Freespeak that holds my ultimate place. I am doubly lucky because God has granted me so many wonderful talents. It’s ironic: At one time, I declared that talent was simply another word for hard work – yet know I think I have changed my perspective. I still think that a person grows in talent because of hard work, but now I know that the ability must be there so the work can bring it to bloom.

Either way, something tells me that I will one day find my level. This may sound conceited, but I cannot imagine finding my own level as a writer. I have so much to learn, there is so many ways I could become better – I have not even but a mark on the surface of my talents. Maybe I think this way because writing is my passion, my reason for existing. It is almost as though my destiny lies in this wonderful gift of writing.

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