I want my life to mean something, I want to spend my days creating. In my mind, it is the finest thing a man can do, the ability to create goodness in the world. To take a thought and turn it into reality, to say “Hey, look at this,” is the bst thing to do. It is as if something has comes alive; whether story, painting or magazine, what is created is a living entity. Brought to life from the mind and soul of a person, brought forth for a reason. For myself, I feel most alive when I am writing. Yet I have found that it is not just the act of writing that fulfills me, but the chance to use this talent of mine for good. I think I would be happy forever, writing a column like Garden Heroes. Sure, it was a lot of work.
But it was well worth it. I wish I did not have so much on my shoulders. If I had some real time, I’d sit down and write that thing everyday.
Unfortunately, this is not to be the case. My world is, and will always be full up to bursting at the seems. There is so much I want to do…yet, writing that column would give me such piece of mind and satisfaction.
I will always chase that dream; I have tried to stop, but it creeps up on me and reminds me of what God really intended for me to do. How do I break through? How do I get into the position. I firmly believe that if I continue to try, God will help me find the way. I am a very blessed person, for I have been granted so many gifts of joy and happiness.
I call them gifts of communication. today, I am more than just a writer. Perhaps I could also call it a curse.

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