Count three


I know this girl.
She’s an amazing person; bright and beautiful with a radiance that illuminates outward from within. So much to give. So much to do. Life is opening up to her like a great and wonderful book of advernture, if only she would let it unfold. Like most people, all the crap that fills days and weeks and months and years of lives is beginning to fill her up, as well, the result of which is an intense desire to control everything and all things — to not allow for chance, change, or the freedom that comes from putting aside doubt and fear to say, simply, lead me. Help me find my way. I trust you as if you were me.

Chance. And change. That’s the inherent DNA of the lives we live. It is an interesting thing; so many moments spin, out of control, that it seems we are to just bob along the shore as the tide takes us in and out, in and out, a mesmerizing rhythm to a universal connundrum: at times we are so close, so close to beginning to feel like we thought we would feel, only to be pitched out again, away from the who we think we should be and toward the person we really are. To try to control a thing like that is to send yourself spinning, head over heels, to the bottom of oblivion.

This is what I know: there is who you are, and who you want to be. Love who you are and you will become who you want to be. Stand up straight and do the right thing. Say the right words. Stand up for the side that’s right for you.

You know the difference.

Do that, and don’t be afraid of who you are and what you do. It will never be wrong if you stay true, embrace your moments and love your life.

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