The spectre of change is the single constant theme in the history of our world. Both feared and sought after, a new tack for society usually happens without control or organization; we can only attempt to guide this new direction for the benefit of those around us.

It is an ancient debate: Change, and step into a dangerously unknown world, or stay on the well-worn path. Ironically, the debate itself forewarns of inevitable change. It may not, however, signal the type of change we want.

Truth is, all institutions must change. For if institutions are a collage of the individuals within, it must change as these people change, adapt as these people adapt, and adapt to what the people choose to accept. Institutional change is but a mirror of the transformation going on within, and that is the real and precious change of all:

To see a man at the birth of his first child is to see a new discovery of life.

To witness a bride walk down the aisle of matrimony is to witness transformation.

To stand by a young woman as she realizes the dreams of a lifetime is to stand in the glory of accomplishment.

These are the things of importance, these new directions the definition change. It is every type of change that makes us grow, toughens resolve and finds new feelings of love and happiness. It is the discovery of wisdom, and the knowledge of how to use it.

For it is change.

And change is life.

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