BMW Works to Clean Up Diesel’s Rep

BMW is one of those automakers that has its sights set on a diesel revolution, and are in fact doing everything in their power to make it happen…including a massive ad campaign in support of the two clean diesel vehicles they offer stateside. Here’s a taste of the diesel love: In one commercial, Mr. Unger uses a scale to weigh beakers of fuel. “If this is the amount of gas it takes to go 10 miles, then this is the amount of diesel that it takes to go the same distance,” he says, showing off less liquid in the diesel beaker. In another spot, he holds up a tiny metal ball. “Imagine this is a gallon of fuel,” he says. “If we all switched to diesel, we could save 90 million of these every single day.” Millions of little metal balls begin to rain down on Mr. Unger.

That’s cool. But what about building a car for the rest of us? One that doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars? Even VW’s Jetta TDI has a price premium, by golly. That’s the big hurt diesel feels today – that and the fact many stations don’t carry it – and the ones that do are more accommodating to truckers than Mommy and Me errands. But at least BMW is trying to pitch a really cool and valuable technology.

Watch the commercial here

–Brian Chee


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