It lives in moments and memories, quick flashes of brilliance lighting up our minds eye.
Even though we often measure beauty by standards of appearance and accomplishment, real beauty, deep and true, is discovered in brief glimpses of perfection.
It is in the sounds and smells of a dark, rainy night.
It is a smile, a glance, a sparkle in the eyes.
It is in a tender touch, or a word of admiration.
Beauty is when ideas and inspiration coincide to create a masterpiece.
It is time and place mixed with company, an atmosphere of magic forever frozen in our recollection.
These moments are gifts that enrich our lives, a blessing from which we freely take.
Such a tragedy it is when we do not to give it back.
Each person sees beauty from a special, exclusive angle. It is a unique portrait, created on a canvas of private thoughts and images. Some see it in pictures and form; others in words and subtleties.
No matter.
These are images of beauty we remember all of our lives.

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