Anticipation is all our hopes and dreams wrapped in a bundle we can’t open until….
…It is waiting for the doorstep after the first date…
…and counting days to the second date.
Anticipation magnifies events, puts an edge on the drudgery of everyday life. Although it is at times frustrating, and often disapointing, the simple joy of anticipation is usually worth the agony of waiting.
Agony is joy in anticipating, an aprehension and anxiety wound up tightly inside.

But what joy! Who can deny that often, the simple anticipation of an event is better than the actual moment? The first kiss is often a dull, dry peck; the anticipation of it, however, is a sweet and wonderful day dream. Even when the second date is stiff and self-concious, waiting for it is an exciting roller coaster of expectations and aspirations.

True, anticiaption can replace reality, yet without it we would be a doar, starched lot, and life would stretch before us like an endless horizon. We go through life anticipating, and if it were not for the hopes we pile on top of reality, we would never experience the joy of looking to the future.

Anticipation is the label we put on everything that means anything to us before it happens, the hope that what we see is what we get.

Anticipation is what makes us feel alive, and that is nothing more than the ability to dream.

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