In most cases, aggression is felt strongest against strangers…but acted out against loved ones. It is a strange fact of human nature: We are so afraid to feel aggression that we suppress it until inevitably, it explodes towards those we least intend it to.

Aggression is not a bad thing, if understood and controlled. Every single living creature on this earth feels this emotion at one time or another, we humans hide from this fact of nature. It is as inevitable as love and pain. We can never make a stand for the principles we believe in unless we are aggressive, we will never achieve any success unless we go after our dreams aggressively.

It is aggression against another person that is wrong and unnecessary, and if we can somehow channel those moments into a positive experience, we firmly grab the reins of our emotions and reactions.

By doing that, we can control our surroundings, as well as the result of confrontations. That is, after all, what it takes to be a success.

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