Shit eaters and cat farters


Cats fart. It’s true; just feed your feline some bad mexican food and you will see that cats can toot just like dogs, though not quite as loudly. And they don’t groan or look surprised when they do. According to, they don’t, normally, but will when they eat too fast or have a bad case of bloat.

They just do. It’s a fact of life. And here’s another: Dogs eat shit. It’s true, they do. According to, in fact, they do it because they love it. Scientists even have a name for it: Coprophagia, and some theories pin the act to a dog’s normal scavenging behavior. Or it might be that Mommy dog was a shit eater, so junior is as well. Regardless, if you really want to read more about it, check out the link:

Why is all this important? Because shit happens. What matters is what you do when it happens to you: relive it, or learn from it and move on.

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