Because it does


I matter. You matter, as well, and if you’re around my age you are probably much more important than I. I’ll never become an executive, a boss, or a person of impressive civic stature. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes and wrong decisions, and when I look back at my life I can see all the U-Turns taken and signs, missed, along the way. From time to time I think of the things I’ve done wrong; the opportunities laid at my feet. It breaks my heart and fills be with disappointment.

I am not an award winning author. Not a doctor, or a teacher. I’m not even a motivational speaker.

I am not a wealthy man. I did not go to a prestigious school. I do not come from a wealthy family.

But I matter. What I say and do has an impact on other people, their happiness and success. What I say and do has an impact on the world around me, and to act without regard to that fact is to live a dishonest and intellectually corrupt life. Simply put, we all matter because we are all unique in our own way, and with our own unique perspectives. And because of that our time on this world is of huge importance: what we do with this single, precious life can be hugely wonderful and beautiful and breathtaking; or it could be nothing. It’s up to us. Regardless of age. Regardless of fortune. If we live our days happily, with integrity and a set of principles, we will sleep easy at night knowing that we do not compromise the essence of ourselves to the convenience of the latest shiny object. If we live our lives grateful for what we have and willing to share the bounty of our knowledge, experience and belongings to those who have less, then we live our days with strong purpose and easy soul.

It matters, because you matter – to me and countless other people who may not even yet know your name. If we live our lives with that in mind, we will together make something as beautiful as we can be.

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