Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B

What’s not to like about the Legacy? It’s safe, sporty, stylish, and, considering what you get…not at all that bad of a deal. Toss in the sportiness of the spec.B and it’s a fun to drive sedan that’s almost family-sized. Ah. So there you go…a weakness. Like the Outback, the inside is pretty narrow and small; the backseats could use more space, as do the front seats. The mild facelift does give the Legacy a more upscale feel inside, but it will nonetheless be marked down slightly by shoppers comparing the Legacy with other four-doors on the market.

That’s more than made up for by the spec.B’s performance and the Legacy’s mechanical and technological advantages, starting with symmetrical all-wheel drive, the boxer engine and a Gold Medal from the IIHS. The six-speed manual transmission is smooth and slotty, and the SI-Drive is a hoot, giving drivers the power to change throttle response. Put it in Sport whilst battling traffic, and, once the road opens, turn the knob to Sport Sharp and have a little, um, a lot of fun. Fun, of course, comes with power, and you get plenty of that from the refined and superb turbocharged boxer engine. It also helps matters that the Legacy has a responsive steering wheel that tracks nicely, and sporty handling for those canyon roads that will suddenly seem to get in your way between work and home. This is simply as close as a common man can get to a true sports sedan.

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