Mazda Tribute Touring

Psst: Mazda now has something named a CX-7 and a CX-9. It’s true! And they are two very sexy and fun-to-drive crossover vehicles that bring the Mazda “dna” to this segment. That’s happy news for crossover buyers, so…for those of you still confused out there, this means that the Tribute, despite its refreshed sheetmetal and upgraded interior materials, is really not much better than a Ford Escape and really should be the last vehicle on your shopping list. Buy the CX-7, the CX-9, and drive off the Mazda lot happy.

Are you still here?
Okay. Listen up. The Tribute was a great SUV in 2001, and is still a great SUV in 2001. Alas, it’s now 2007 and moving quickly into 2008, and this vehicle really hasn’t kept up with the pace of the competition, or the times. Perhaps the coming Tribute Hybrid will be a keeper, but, failing that, go away and take a test drive in the Mazda CX-7.

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