2006 SEMA: It Ain’t Right

2006 SEMA Show: That Ain’t Right – Photo Gallery: It most often happens late at night when inspiration is low and desperation grows. Or when the creative process implodes and the idea you thought was visionary becomes weird and twisted. And it can happen to anyone, at any time. Sadly for custom car designers, when it happens to them there’s no going back, and what was once a normal looking vehicle turns into, say, a pink 1964 Chevy truck with green flames and a keg inside.

Granted, you may like the strange and the weird. If so, we apologize in advance to you, and to those who dream of adding jewels to their cars. To Garfield fans, our apologies – please. And for those who like 30-inch wheels on their Caprice Classics, or hair on their Vegas, forgive our short an shallow interpretation of style. For the rest, we’ve put together a short list out of many, many cars on display at this year’s SEMA show. It’s the cars that made us shake our heads and ask…why, or, what? In the order of least to most strange, then, here are the cars we found in Las Vegas that just ain’t right.

Rhinestripes Chrysler Crossfire

And we thought the Crossfire was sort of a girl car without the fake ice.
Rhinestripes, the company, will attach the shiny stones as pinstripe accents.
Or make the Chrysler emblem shine. They’re guaranteed to blind you in the
rearview mirror, or as oncoming traffic. Sunglasses come standard with every
purchase, to protect your eyes… and your identity.


Phat Ride

So this is what happens when a DUB intern goes insane. Or perhaps it’s one of
those cool trick paintings come to the auto world…just let us know when you
see the eagle fly, okay?


1988 Chevy Caprice by Rides Magazine

Looks like the kids at design school sure had fun doing their mid-term
project. With scissor-style doors and 30-inch wheels, one wonders why they
didn’t get crazy and add, say, fur-lined seat covers, orange tinted windows
and a smiling cat. Wait – that’s another Caprice…



Any rig with a keg and a tap that comes out of a skull between the seats…now
that’s something other than a car. This, on the other hand, is Freakshow, and
it’s so much more that driving it is out of the question. Just park it in your
driveway until the neighbor’s brain explodes. The sign says that under the
pink paint, green flames and fur-lined trunk sits a 1964 Chevy truck – though
we’re still trying to figure out how they got the Chrysler grille on there.



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